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Hello and welcome it's lovely to see you here.

Just like the perfect wedding starts with the perfect couple hopefully I will be the ideal match for you if you're looking for somebody  who can give you lovely clean sharp corners to your cake with an elegant style designed & customise to fit in with any occasion maybe topper with some beautiful handmade sugar floristry and not forgetting scrumptious tasting cake then I think we might be the perfect match.

How to start

I know for many of my clients ordering a custom cake can seem a little daunting.

Hopefully, this might help put your mind at ease.
The first step is to get in contact some do this by phone others by email the first thing to check is if I have availability still for your date as I do get booked up quite far in advance for weddings and celebration orders.

Some of my clients know straight away what type of cake they have in mind others do not  Don't worry if you are unsure on design details as many people secure their date long before they have finalised a design for their cake. We can discuss pricing to ensure this works for your cake budget.

 I do hold Consultations by appointment only

cake sample boxes give you the opportunity to try some of our popular cake flavours.

These are available out of wedding season only and can be either be collected or posted on a next day delivery service. they contain 5 of our most of popular flavours

the price is £25 collected or £35 posted next day.


How to save your date

I am afraid that I never hold dates without a deposit once this has been paid your date is saved in my diary.
I do recommend getting your date saved sooner than later even if you are not sure on your design but you know that you want me to make your cake as dates in my diary do go very quickly and I only take on a very limited number of orders as I'd like to make sure that everyone is perfect

Prices for 2023

Prices for our cakes will depend on many factors including size, design complexity, amount of sugar flowers etc. Please get in touch for a specific quote. The following costs are to give you a basic idea of what you can expect to pay and can change depending on the detail and size of the cake:

Tier Sizes          Portions          Starting Price          Average Price

6" 8"                            50                               £165                                     £180

4"6" 8"                        75                                £225                                    £300

6" 8"10"                      120                               £340                                    £450

4"6" 8"10"                  145                               £390                                    £500

6" 8"10" 12"                 225                              £580                                    £655

4"6" 8"10" 12"             250                              £650                                    £725

6" 8"10" 12" 14"           350                              £875                                    £1200

This is going on our most popular round tiers but if you would like a different shape I am happy to price them up for you 

contact me with what you would like 

   Item                  Minimum Order           Starting Price per Item

Fondant Cookie                                  12                                                     £3.50           

Fondant Cookie inividally box           12                                                     £4.50           

Macaron                                               12                                                     £2.00

Cakepops                                             10                                                     £2.00

Cake Popsicles                                    10                                                     £3.50

Cupcakes fondant covered                12                                                     £4.00

Cupcakes buttercream covered        12                                                     £3.85

Mini cakes fondant covered               3                                                       £6.00

Mini cakes buttercream                     3                                                       £5.00

Chocolates                                           20                                                     £1.00

This is a starting price as everything we make is custom made around you so you know that it is absolutely perfect for any special events.

contact me with what you would like for a accurate quotes

Portion Guide


Shape of Cake   4"    6"    8"     10"     12"     14"

Round                5     15     35     60       85      140


Square              10    25     50     80      115      165


 This is  Just a guide as we can never guarantee exact numbers as even with a cutting guide everybody cuts it differently

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