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Welcome to Bake me elegant Established in 2008 by cake designer Charmaine Northcote I have been blessed over the years to win awards for my cakes As well as my service.
Still to this day, I am humbled by my amazing customers.

My Story

I  remember further back than what I wish to admit of being a little girl watching my Nan bake, standing on a chair helping her mix her delicious cakes.

I got older and Went to school we was asked if anybody would like to help bake sir help bake for the lions the lions club charity Which I absolutely jumped at the chance As it was 2 things I'd love to do baking and helping well when I could I did this for quite a few years and until I left school.

For a long time, then i  just baked cakes and biscuits for family. Then as we fast forward a few years I then met the love of my life And when we got engaged I decided I wanted to make my own wedding cake ( I'm crazy I know) I decided I better get cracking with practicing some decorations This is where I found my love for making flowers I would sit there for hours with anything I could get my hands on to practice including Blue tack And as I got better started making cakes And decorating them For any family and friends That would want them.
I soon, to my amazement, had people had people asking me to make cakes for them. Even friends of friends Before I know that I was coming home from a from a 12 hour day at work To then start making cakes My husband said to me I think it's time you gave up you're full time job and done all time job and done the cakes as this is where your heart is And I made the terrifying decision to quit my full time job And do cake making and decorating  full time I can honestly say this was one of the scariest things I'd face doing even from being a doorwoman for years. But I can honestly say it was one of the best decisions I ever made.


I am always here and happy to help as much or little as you would like

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