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dessert tables & wedding favors

Have a sweet tooth or looking to wow your guests 

  Our beautiful dessert table can be created in accordance with the décor and theme of your wedding or event.

We also make individual sweets and desserts to accompany as gifts or wedding favours to

make your event more special.

our range of mini desserts, meringue tower, cupcakes, mini cupcakes, truffles, macarons,  and others sweet treats.

 Contact Us to discuss the perfect dessert table for you.

2021-05-22 07.53.05.jpg

Fondant coved Cupcakes

Fondant cookies

Mini cakes


2022-09-03 10.07_edited.jpg

personalised chocolates

Mini donuts

cake popsicles

cake popsicles


cake pops

cake pops

raspberry and white chocolate mousse
mini cupcakes
2022-09-03 13.04.30
2021-05-22 07.51.39
personalised cookies
Have a fabulous are these from 3-D cutters _is it just me that thinks it would make perfec
2020-07-26 15.19.28
mini cupcakes
2021-08-06 12.06_edited
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